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Bring your Fundraising Ideas to Life with a customized campaign for your organization!


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Tap into the generosity of community supporters, alumni, and local corporations that are willing to greatly impact your organization with resources to improve areas that need development and generate financial support for immediate/future endeavors.

Making a financial gift to your organization is a meaningful way for your supporters to give back to you. Cash gifts are the easiest and most popular form of giving. Cash gifts are fully tax-deductible and can be initiated at any time using the TimeToFundraise platform that will be customized for your organization. Here’s how:

  • Call our Office
  • Set up an Account
  • Customize your platform/site with your logo and colors
  • Start creating campaigns
  • Let the funds start rolling in!
  • Additionally, many companies have matching gift programs which match the charitable donation given by an individual, doubling the gift. Providing an easy method of donating will increase your giving.

Creating your own fundraising platform for your organization that is directly linked to your own website can generate financial resources for you without having to “sell” items to get a % of the profits. This fundraising platform offers the ability to have unlimited campaigns for unspecified periods of time. Your supporters can root for their favorite team, support a charity event, organize a PTA fundraiser, create educational campaigns for books, classroom supplies, technology – the resources are endless!


Recurring Gifts are also available -

Recurring gifts are the most convenient way to give to your organization. When a recurring gift is set up, you will receive funds automatically as a monthly donation, in an amount chosen, by either a debit/credit card, or electronic check for as many months as specified by the donor. Recurring gifts are the perfect way to ensure that you will receive funds every month/year, without your donors having to remember to give. They are also a great way to help manage your budget and allow your donors to break a larger gift down into more manageable monthly chunks.

  • EVERY gift counts.
  • EVERY gift makes a difference.
  • EVERY gift is accepted with gratitude.
  • TimeToFundraise Platform offers an easy way for your community to invest in your organization’s future!

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