Coaching Tips

Welcome to our tips section, Our fundraising platform is a one stop learning site for all your fundraising needs. Check out the tips below and learn how to make the most out of your campaign.


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Tip #1: Define, Define, Define!

Who wants to donate to a cause they don’t know about? This is your first step! Be sure to cover all grounds, such as who you are, what you are raising money for, as well as why you are raising money for this cause. How your organization will benefit from these funds. Are you passionate about this cause? By all means show it!

Tip #2: Shoot a Video! Multimedia Tells a Great Story!

Who doesn’t like videos? We are proud to offer the ability to add videos to your campaign! Not a great writer? No problem! Show your passion with a quick video about your cause or organization! A personal video is easily the most accurate way for a donor to feel for your cause, make your emotions known! We’ve seen significant increases in the success of campaigns that utilize video versus those that do not.

In your video be sure to address…

  • Who you are?
  • What you are raising money for?
  • Why you are raising money?
  • How the money will be used?

In addition be sure to…

  • Thank everyone for taking the time to watch your video
  • Ask for support, more than once!
  • Encourage donors to SHARE your campaign! Social media is extremely powerful; use it to your advantage!
  • Encourage donors to select the option to pay for support costs
  • Thank everyone for taking the time to watch your video, yes again!

Tip #3: Upload Pictures

People love to look at pictures. Pictures tell a story – who doesn’t like a good story?! Pick out pictures that show the best presentation of why the funds are needed and who will benefit. If you are raising funds for a sports team, put a photo of the team on the page. This makes the campaign more personal. Make sure that your pictures are high quality photos to give the best first impression possible.

Tip #4: Be Meticulous & Take Your Time!

Nothing done once is done right! From shooting your video, writing your description, picking your image, and marketing your campaign-- take your time with your campaign. Remember that it’s your goal to attract donors and fund your project. Who wants to donate to a campaign that looks like it’s been thrown together?

Tip #5: Promote Your Campaign to Everyone!

We encourage you to promote your fundraising campaign in every single way possible! This means reaching out to family, friends, and even the media. We strongly suggest that you send out a personal message to those closest to you and ask that they donate to your cause. In addition ask them to share your campaign with everyone they know. Facebook and Twitter can be extremely useful in the promotion of your campaign. But don’t rely simply on social media, send out emails, text messages, and use good old fashioned word of mouth as well.  Promote your campaign in every way possible, it will pay off big in the end!

Tip #6: Create Goal Reaching Incentives!

We know you’re raising money for a reason and want to reach that goal with minimal costs, that’s why we’d like to offer you some ways to create goal reaching incentives without ever spending a penny!

  1. Award for all: Create an incentive somewhere along the lines of “Help me reach my goal of ____ and We’ll _______________________ Be creative – maybe the sports team offers to wash the cars of the staff, parents, etc.
  2. Highest bidder award: Help us reach our goal and the highest donator will receive a shout out on our very own Facebook page and shared to ALL of the fundraising Facebook community (if the donor didn’t want to remain anonymous).